Douglas & McIntyre

One of the largest independent publishing houses in Canada, D&M was co-founded by Jim Douglas and Scott McIntyre in 1971. Since its inception, D&M has created over 2,000 quality books.

Naval historian James Delgado has created an archaeological tour of war at sea from historical accounts, paintings, contemporary documents, photographs, and maps. This beautiful and complex text featured sidebars on specific battles, ships, relics, and shipwrecks, plus illustrative material on almost every page.

We designed the work from cover to cover, creating a clean and accessible layout to blend the many elements into a seamless whole. It conveys the impression of full colour but the layout was designed for more economical four-over-one printing.


An exploration of shipwrecks in a broad historical narrative of warfare at sea.


Cover and interior design for 11.25 x 9.25” hardcover book, with a 4-colour jacket and 4/1 interior.